Session 3, Part 3

Lily stays at the cabin while the Triad returns to Manhattan and the Meat Packing District. They take care to disguise their carriage from curious eyes. They meet with Fetch, who informs them that their office is being watched day and night by unscrupulous-looking gentlemen. Further, they’ve been asking questions around the neighborhood about associates of the Triad — Fetch’s name has, of course, come up. He tells them he no longer feels safe, and they agree to take him along with them.

Their next goal is to find Sarah. Following a hunch, they go to her former apartment. Sarah is there, asleep in her room. There is no sign of a fire, but the smell of charred human flesh stills hangs in the air. Mr. Verde interviews a gossipy neighbor named Ms. Conway who is more than happy to tell them everything she knows about what happened next door. Ms. Conway tells the Triad that before the accident there was strange man harassing the MacCummills. He wanted to purchase some sort of family heirloom. She remembered that he had pale skin, white hair, and eyes “as red as the devil’s arse.” Ms. Conway tells them that she was the one who found the MacCummill’s remains (and Sarah burned) and the only that that remained besides ash were their soul-shards. The MacCummill’s didn’t have much money, so their shards were sent to the Potter’s Ossuary on Hart Island. Before they go, Ms. Conway tells the Triad that she would like to care for Sarah, if that can be arranged. The Triad tell her they will consider it.

After collecting Sarah, the Triad visits the Potter’s Ossuary. Mr. Onyx (surprisingly) sweet-talks his way past the guard and is also invited to a Humanity League meeting in Chelsea on Thursday (the guard is an ardent member). The Humanity League is stridently opposed to Vampyres.

The Triad take the soul-shards of Mr. and Mrs. MacCummill to Dr. Aleksandrov. For a small fee, he implants them into two wastrels. This allows the Triad to interview them. It turns out the man that Ms. Conway describes was Mr. Noah Wales, an albino. He’s a prominent seller of exotic goods and he has a shop on the Upper West Side called Wales & Sons Exotic Imports. He was trying to purchase a claymore that had been in Mr. MacCummill’s family for generations. He broke into their home to steal it and when Mr. MacCummill confronted him, Mr. Wales used some sort of magick to set him and his wife alight.

With this new information, the Triad allows Sarah to speak with her parents to say good-bye. Dr. Aleksandrov removes the soul-shards and returns them to the Triad.

The Triad returns to their new beach cottage on Long Island, and find Lily entertaining the Commodore. After a time he goes, and the Triad tell Lily what they’ve learned. The resolve to return to New York tomorrow and confront Mr. Wales at his shop. Lily will see to Fetch and Sarah, who are already fast asleep in their new rooms.

The Triad venture to Wales & Sons Exotic Imports. It is a shop dedicated to the arcane and occult. He has two burly guards who are eyeing them. The Triad is surprised to find that Noah Wales seemingly knows them very well and has some items for them that they ordered. They are also surprised to learn that it was their detective agency who revealed to Mr. Wales the location of the fabled Blade of Fionn, Last Lord of the Fianna. Mr. Wales shows them an invoice to prove it. They knew he would do anything necessary to get that sword and he tried to reason with the MacCummills. He says he is sorry about the girl and is prepared to make amends if this will assuage the Triad’s conscious, but before he can discuss that, Mr. Wales tells that they should probably leave. His guards are from the Pinkerton Detective Agency, and the Pinkertons are allied with the local Vampyre gentry. No doubt they’re on the look out for identical triplets that fit their description! The Triad retreat from the store and find an alley to hide in. They watch as the Pinkertons leave and split up…

Session 3, Part 3

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