Session 3, Part 2


The Triad reaches the beach cottage that night. It’s a quaint place, with only three rooms. Still, they think it will suit their clandestine purpose just fine. Mr. Azure goes into town to see to the business arrangements and rents the cabin from an eccentric old man named Commodore Birchman. Birchman claims to be a veteran from the War of 1812, and also that the cabin is haunted.

Lily, meanwhile, has awoken for the night and is pleased they’re not in Manhattan. She again thanks the Triad for rescuing her, and says there’s a good chance there won’t be an organized assault on them for some time. Vampyres are a very tribal people, and they will be quarreling amongst themselves over the Viceroy’s seat. Still, any tribe that kills the Viceroy’s assassins will gain a great deal of respect. They must be careful.

Mr. Verde thanks Lily for this information, and then offers her a meal from his blood. She accepts this and drinks. She becomes a little dizzy from the laudanum in his system.

When Mr. Azure returns from his excursion, the Triad tries formulating a plan. They quiz Lily on the Seal of Solomon. She’s no Vampyre mythologist, but she tells them it’s a legendary artifact in the Vampyre community, akin to the Holy Grail. The Seal was lost two thousand years ago after it was the catalyst of a great Vampyre war that killed almost all Vampyres on the planet.

This certainly explains how a man like Elbridge Gerry rose in rank so quickly. Lily also suspects the Seal of Solomon wasn’t found by him, but given to him by a power greater than he, most likely to use the Viceroy’s position in some fashion. More troubling, this power must not have been of demon-kind. If it were, it too would be affected by the Seal. Perhaps, she fears, it was something worse.

It may be just the laudanum-flavored blood talking, but Lily strongly suggests they throw the Seal into the sea. She suspects it will bring only trouble, but the Triad believes it may be the solution to their Vampyre problem. She pleads with them not to let anyone know they have it.

“Vampyres have burned down entire cities looking for this ring. If they find out you have it, New York will be next.” – Lily

Despite Lily’s misgivings she agrees to participate in Mr. Verde’s experiments with the Seal of Solomon. Mr. Verde puts the ring back on his finger — this time with the bronze side up — and he sees a silver chord attached to Lily’s heart. This side is the “good” side, it seems. With effort, he is able to control her and see through her eyes. He also gets the distinct impression that if he were to cut the chord, Lily would die. Mr. Verde takes the ring off and Lily collapses. She is dazed and frightened by the experience.

Mr. Verde checks with his fettered spirit and discovers that Fetch is feeling anxious. They decide to return to the Meat Packing District in the morning to discover what’s troubling him and also to find Sarah. First, though, Mr. Azure wants to discuss something that’s been troubling him: If and when they do recover the entirety of their soul-shards, reassembling them and setting them back in their skulls will erase the individuals they’ve become. Is this what they really want?

Mr. Onyx and Mr. Verde ponder his points, and Mr. Onyx wonders if that isn’t best. After all, everything the letters have asked them to do has been a good thing. Why? Unless, of course, whatever power stole their souls isn’t evil at all.

“What if we were the evil ones?” – Mr. Onyx

With this disquieting notion in their heads, the Triad awaits the dawn.


Session 3, Part 2

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