Session 3, Part 1

Arriving back in Manhattan, the Triad confers regarding their next move. Mr. Onyx suggests they try to bluff their way out of the situation. They could claim Viceroy Gerry was trying to help them recover their memories and that it was his own bodyguards who were in on the conspiracy. Mr. Azure and Mr. Verde consider this, but Lily tells them they’re crazy and that they need to find somewhere to hide. If Vampyres catch up with them they’ll all be killed… eventually. She thanks them for rescuing her and goes to her coffin to sleep, adding that she hopes she’ll wake up elsewhere.

“I can’t believe you killed him! Do you know the penalty for killing a Vampyre? Not death… Death is too easy. Torture. Lots and lots of torture. Vampyres are very good at torture. It’s their only true art. I heard in the Middle Ages, they kept one of the Popes alive for nine years while they slowly devoured his organs.” -Lily

Minutes later, Fetch enters looking a little frazzled He has bad news: Sarah MacCumill. is gone. He fell asleep, and when he woke up she was missing. The door was slightly open and there was no sign of a break-in. He suspects she just wandered out. He has his gang out looking for her. Mr. Azure says he needs to spread the word that the Triad is offering a $5 reward for any information on Sarah’s whereabouts.

“First I asked my gang, and nobody’d seen her. Then I asked Smitty’s gang, and nobody’d seen her. Then I asked Tommy’s gang, and one kid thought he’d seen her — then it wasn’t her.” -Fetch

The Triad takes Lily’s advice and makes preparations to leave their headquarters in Manhattan. They decide the ocean air might do them some good and scour the paper. They locate a seaside cottage for rent in Merrick, New York on Long Island which should do nicely.

They purchase a carriage and pack their important books and equipment.

Meanwhile, Mr. Verde has a terrible headache. Its source is the strange ring that Mr. Azure took from Viceroy Gerry’s ash heap. It’s emitting a huge amount of psychical energy. Mr. Verde puts it on, and is flooded with a sensation of power. His vision floods with thousands of spectral silver threads streaming from the ring’s seal. Using his thaumaturgist skills, he “follows” one of the threads and finds himself stalking a poor woman through the bowels of London.

Intrigued, Mr. Azure stops packing his library and starts researching what the ring could be. He grows excited when he comes across an entry related to the legendary Seal of Solomon. The ring matches the description almost exactly. It was said to have the power to control demons, both good and evil. That is likely how Viceroy Gerry, a relatively minor Vampyre, rose to such a prominent position. The Seal of Solomon was thought lost, or mythological. This is a startling discovering, and the Triad realizes it may well put them in a superior bargaining position regarding the Vampyres.

First, though, they need to survive long enough to utilize their new bargaining chip. They ask Fetch to remain in the Meat Packing district to keep an eye on things for them. Mr. Verde binds the tortured spirit of James Davids to a length of chain, then breaks the chain and gives the other half to Fetch. The spirit will be able to tell the Triad what Fetch is doing and if he’s well.

With that, the Triad departs for Long Island.


Session 3, Part 1

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