Session 2, Part 3

The next morning, Sarah is a little more talkative but still won’t open up about the night her parents were killed. Meanwhile, Lily still hasn’t returned from Suffolk. Thinking she is resting during the daylight, the Triad’s wait. Night comes and she still doesn’t return. Growing concerned, Mr. Azure and Mr. Onyx arms themselves and set off on horseback to search for their lost Vampyre girl. Mr. Verde stays behind to tend to Sarah.

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department is located 80 miles away in Riverhead, New York. That’s at least a two day ride. By noon, they’re 30 miles outside Manhattan and spot the velocipede pulled over on the side of the unpaved road. Investigating, they find evidence that somebody set up a barricade. They also discover a hidden path leading into the nearby forest.

Mr. Azure and Mr. Onyx follow the path and come upon a mansion at the center of a wide clearing. The windows are shuttered against the noontime sun. Armed guards patrol the grounds. Realizing they’ve stumbled onto a Vampyre’s home, they decide they need backup. Mr. Azure tries to pilot the velocipede, but ends up crashing it into a tree less than forty feet from where he started.

“How’s it handle?” – Mr. Onyx to Mr. Azure

Mr. Onyx remains hidden in the forest and keeps watch on the house. As afternoon turns to evening, the house comes alive. It looks like the final preparations for a big party are underway. Both human and Vampyre guests arrive by carriage, though many more of the latter. All of the guests have invitations which are checked at the mansion’s main entrance by a serious-looking Vampyre in a bowtie.

Mr. Verde and Mr. Azure arrive. The Triad mingles with the guests still waiting on the road. In particular, they schmooze with Mr. and Mrs. Warren.


Suave as ever, Mrs. Warren is especially smitten with the dapper Mr. Verde. The Triad learns this is the estate of the local Vampyre “viceroy,” Mr. Elbridge Gerry. The party invitations were all sent out yesterday and announced an “engagement bash.” Rumor has it that the Viceroy has won the hand of a Vampyre woman of surpassing beauty whom he’s pursued for decades.

Messrs. Onyx, Azure, and Verde have a sinking feeling that this fiancée is Lily. They convince their new friends to pretend they’re the Warrens’ servants. All goes well until they reach the door of the manor. The bowtie-clad Vampyre — who is apparently less stupid than his tailor — eyes them suspiciously. No servants are allowed inside the party, he says.

Undeterred, they scout the perimeter of the grounds. There is an unsecured window on the rear second story. They also discover a stable full of thoroughbred horses and a barracks full of guards. Both the horses and the guards are sleeping. They bar the door of the barracks, and then spook the horses (Mr. Verde’s speciality). As the patrolling guards wrangle the stallions, the Triad climbs to the second story and slips inside.

Session 2, Part 3

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