Session 2, Part 2

They return to their office in the Meat Packing district and find an unwelcome surprise: Waiting for them is a man in a deputy sheriff’s uniform. His silver badge reads, Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. It’s the same uniform the men who arrested the Triad were wearing the day they “awoke” in the abandoned manor. Grinning, the man tells the Triad he has business to discuss.

They delay the unwelcome visitor as they carry Sarah inside. They find Fetch napping on the couch and Mr. Azure wakes him. He tells the boy that they have brought him a playmate that he’s to watch for a few minutes. He warns Fetch about her disfigurement, but the boy still has to stifle a yelp when he sees her face. He takes Sarah upstairs.

Once inside, the gentleman introduces himself as Deputy Benjamin O’Keefe. The Triad offers him a drink and he accepts. He quickly gets to the reason for his visit: He is the informant who led Lily to find them rotting in the Suffolk County lockup. For this, he demands $25,000. It is an outrageous sum, but he claims to know they have it available.

O’Keefe threatens then, declaring that if he doesn’t receive the money he’ll contact the police with evidence that the Triad Detective Agency is involved in a gruesome triple murder in Suffolk County.

Figuring one good turn deserves another, Mr. Onyx threatens him… with violence. Deputy O’Keefe drains his scotch and tells the Triad not to bother: He has a partner in the sheriff’s office waiting to hear from him. If he doesn’t come back, this partner will call the NYPD. The public already distrusts men who tryst with the paranatural – it will be an open and shut case!

Lily‘s a sweet girl. I don’t know what you bastards did to make her help you, but I’m going to find out!” – Deputy O’Keefe

Mr. Azure tells Deputy O’Keefe they’ll need time to gather such a princely sum. O’Keefe says he’ll return in three days. After he departs, the Triad tasks Fetch with following him. Fetch proudly tells them he has a gang now! He’s still thinking of a name. If they’d like he and his mates could waylay the deputy. After brief consideration, the Triad tells the boy to only follow him.

Meanwhile, the orphan girl, Sarah, is washing upstairs. Mr. Verde goes out to get her some clothes and (discovering their cabinets are bare) some food. While he’s out, Mr. Onyx and Mr. Azure consider their next move to “avenge” her as the note instructed. Mr. Azure thinks he could use mesmerism on Sarah, allowing her to access her buried memories from the night her parents were killed. However, even under controlled circumstances this can be a traumatic experience. He wants to wait a few days until she’s at least recovered from her stay at the orphanage.

Fetch returns and informs them that he and his gang followed O’Keefe to the train station. He couldn’t follow him further because he didn’t have a ticket, but he’s sure he left the city. Mr. Azure gives him a shiny quarter for his troubles.

Mr. Verde returns from the grocer’s. He’s not much of a cook, but he manages to prepare a basic meal for Sarah. She eats, but remains almost completely withdrawn. After supper, and even though the sun hasn’t quite set, she curls up in bed and falls asleep. Mr. Azure watches Sarah for a while, and she quickly starts dreaming. In this state she begins radiating powerful psychical
energies, and Mr. Verde feels a bad headache coming on. He decides to nip it in the bud and mixes himself a tincture of laudanum.

Downstairs, Mr. Onyx continues the chore of reading their old case files. The case numbers are out of sequence and there are large gaps between investigations. It’s very apparent that many – perhaps even most – of the files are missing. Whether they were stolen by intruders or hidden by themselves, he isn’t sure.

Looking at the food Mr. Azure bought, Mr. Onyx suddenly realizes he hasn’t eaten in days, nor has he felt a need to. He shares this with Mr. Azure, who confirms it’s the same way with him. Curious, Mr. Onyx begins experimenting with his body. Much to his shock, he discovers that he doesn’t need to breathe. He also realizes he’s been awake for nearly two days, yet doesn’t feel tired. He shares this with the others, and Mr. Verde attempts to eat one of the apples he bought at the grocer’s. It tastes absolutely delicious, but he almost immediately vomits it up. He tries some scotch, and this he keeps this down easily.

An hour later, Lily awakens. The Triad confront her concerning O’Keefe. She is embarrassed and alarmed to learn of the blackmail. She says she’ll drive to Suffolk County to try and talk O’Keefe out of it. She hopes to convince him that the Triad isn’t guilty of the crime. The Triad agrees to let her do this, and she departs with the velocipede.

Session 2, Part 2

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