Session 2, Part 1

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Mr. Azure begins his examination of the new package immediately. Putting on gloves, he opens it as carefully as he can. Inside, just as before, he finds three envelopes: One blue, one green, and one black. Inside each envelope is a piece of cut soul shard about the width of a quarter. At this rate, it will take fifty packages for them to assemble their shards!

In the package there’s also a typed note. It reads: Sarah MacCumill. 108 Waverly Place, NYC. Avenge her.

Before they depart for the address, Mr. Azure alchemically analyzes the envelopes. He determines the package was almost certainly sent by the same man who sent the first.

They take their horses (Mr. Verde riding a blind horse whose nostrils have been cauterized since all animals are frightened of him) to the address. It’s St. Jude’s Orphanage, a run-down and unpleasant looking place. The children there work washing and folding laundry for local businesses, including bloody bedsheets from the nearby hospital.

Mr. Onyx finds himself unable to enter the orphanage. He has a bizarre aversion to children’s laughter, and while there isn’t much laughing going on, it’s enough to keep him on the street.

Inside, the orphanage is swamped with children. Mr. Azure and Mr. Verde introduce themselves to Ms. Dunbar, the shrewish and miserly woman who runs the place. Ms. Dunbar makes it clear that she’s a very busy woman. She’s always interested in hearing from potential donors however. The Triad’s oblige her with some money, and she opens up a big fat book of names. Inside, many of the names have been crossed out. She finds a “Sara M.” and recalls she was a girl sent to her from Bellevue about a month ago.

“A monster killed Mommy and Daddy, and now I’m a monster. I don’t want to hurt anybody so I’m staying in here forever.” – Sarah

Using an overly sweet voice she asks a passing girl where “the new one” is. The child, obviously terrified, tells her she’s in the attic closet, like always. Ms. Dunbar hastily tells the Triad that she certainly didn’t put her there. Growing angry with the blathering cow, Mr. Verde and Mr. Azure tell her to stay put while they investigate.

In the dusty, dark attic they find the closet. There is a little girl inside, but she won’t come out. In a small voice she tells them that she doesn’t want to come out because she’s a monster now. Mr. Verde is able to slowly sweet-talk her out of the closet. When she steps into what little light the attic has to offer they see Sarah is wearing a dirty dress that might once have been pink. She has very pretty, curly chestnut hair. When Verde moves Sarah‘s hair away, he’s startled to find her face and hands horribly burned.

Mr. Onyx overcomes his phobia and enters the orphanage. The Triad confronts Ms. Dunbar, terrifying her into letting them take Sarah away – no “donation” required.

Session 2, Part 1

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