Session 1, Part 1

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Three men “awaken” to a horrific scene in an abandoned manor house: Two women and one girl have been brutally murdered. The girls’ throats have been slit and the men are covered in gore. A bloody knife lay on the floor in the midst of the carnage. Although they have no recollection of who they are, the men appear to be identical triplets. Strangely, their eye colors differ: Black, blue, and green.

The men conduct a panicked, cursory investigation of their surroundings. The dead girls are dressed in bed clothes. The young, lithe woman nearest the left pillow has curly red hair and olive eyes. The woman nearest the foot of the bed is voluptuous and has black hair cut fashionably short; her round, pixie-like face is sallow and frozen in horror. Holding her hand is a girl, no older than 12, with blonde hair done up in little ringlets.

They discover bizarre sockets at the base of their own skulls. The sockets are empty, and when touched they illicit an electric shock. They also uncover a note in the girl’s hand which reads, “Emma.” Quickly, the police arrive and arrest them. They’re taken to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department and thrown into a holding cell.

Inside the holding cell are two others. The most inconspicuous is a mousy fellow named Mike Miller. He confides that he was caught gambling. In fact, he was betting 10% of his soul against a small wish when the cops arrested him. He’s angry. It took him weeks to find a hedge-witch who could do the job and even longer to scratch up the coin to pay her! Also in the cell is an unnamed, hulking necromaton. Mike’s angry about that, too. The necromaton is unlicensed and could be dangerous. This comment proves to be prophetic. The necromaton eventually attacks the men, and – after the sheriff deputies prove unhelpful – they’re forced to disable him. He bleeds formaldehyde, but is otherwise passive for the rest of the evening.

“Grrr! Aargh! Grrr!” – The Necromaton

That night they are broken out of jail by a boy named Fetch and his accomplice Lily, a seemingly middle-aged woman. Fetch and Lily try pulling down the wall of the jail with her diesel-powered horseless carriage. This succeeds only in dislodging one of the window’s bars, and they must employ the necromaton to finish the job. The men and their unremembered friends speed away to the sound of gunshots.

“Hi, gents. I’m here to rescue you!” – Fetch

Once certain they’ve lost any pursuers, Lily pulls over to check on the men’s condition. She’s shocked to learn they’ve lost their memories and quickly ascertains this is because their soul-shards have been stolen. Soul-shards are implanted at the base of the skull of almost every toddler. Memories are stored there instead of the mind, promising a sort of quasi-immortality after death. Removing a soul-shard is tantamount to (and punishable as) murder, but it’s also exceedingly difficult if the person is to be kept alive.

Lily informs them that she’s their employee, and has been for the past two years. Fetch is the same, though he’s only been under their employ for the past month. Their business is the Triad Detective Agency based in New York City. She tells the brothers – Mr. Onyx, Mr. Azure, and Mr. Verde – that they’ve been missing for two weeks. She only learned of their location through pure luck. She was “friendly” with one of the Suffolk deputies, and he sent word. Reeling from these revelations, the brothers decide to head back to their office to begin the investigation into their own disappearance. They speed off to toward the pale glow on the horizon: Manhattan.

Session 1, Part 1

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