The Triad's right hand gal and resident Vampyre.


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“If it can be designed, I can design it. If it can be built, I can build it. Then, once you boys have your way with it — if it can be fixed, I can fix it!” – Lily

Liliana “Lily” Avram is the right-hand of the Triad. Although they have no memory of it, according to her she’s worked with them for two years. Other than this small tidbit of information, her past is a mystery.

What’s known is that somewhere along the way, Lily died and became a Vampyre. She’s never discussed how or when this happened. Unlike most Vampyres, she refuses to embrace her darker self. Indeed, she goes to great pains to cultivate her humanity. She frequently speaks of other Vampyres in distrustful — even hateful — tones and refuses to feed off unwilling humans. Part of her “arrangement” with the Triad Detective Agency is that she feeds from either Mr. Onyx, Mr. Verde, or Mr. Azure at least once a week. For this purpose, Lily has fashioned a medical device to make this a more sanitary — and less intimate — experience.

In a time when most women are either homemakers or whores, Lily is a brilliant exception. She’s an amazingly talented inventor and mechanic, often fabricating devices and wondrous machines in her expansive workshop attached to the Triad’s main office. This is also where she sleeps in the day. She helps with bookkeeping and filing, but admits this isn’t her strongest field. Because of her rare beauty, she sometimes assists with interviewing witnesses or suspects; however, she refuses to utilize her Vampyric mesmerism on such occasions.

Lily is both strong-headed and strong-willed. She can be capricious, but is very serious when it comes to work of any kind. She’s totally in her element when working with machines, but she’s not bad with people either. She’s growing especially fond of Fetch, perhaps because her Vampyrism has left her barren. She’s never spoken of this openly, but the way she looks at children make this as obvious a pain as a broken nose.

Despite her Vampyric “condition” (as she calls it), she holds deep idealistic convictions about the world — convictions which are frequently upended by bitter reality. This sometimes knocks her for a loop, but she’s never down for long. For whatever reason, Lily believes there’s good in the world, though she admits it is well hidden. She also believes that — in the end — it will be victorious.

Of course, she’s said that Mr. Onyx once told her, “In the end, there is no end.”

Campaign History

October 16, 1883 – Lily is kidnapped by Elbridge Gerry, the Vampyre Viceroy of the Northeastern United States. He’s pursued her hand in marriage for years, but she’s always refused. Gerry had only recently risen in station and was now threatening the Triad if she didn’t agree to his proposal. She acquiesed, but was later rescued by the Triad and Gerry was killed.


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