The Triad's streetwise gofer


Fetch sheet


“Hiya, gents! I’m here to rescue you.” – Fetch

Fetch is an everyday street kid, with dirty cheeks, twinkling eyes, and a devilish smile. He has a favorite Gatsby hat that he won’t go anywhere without, and he has dreams of building his own criminal empire.

Fetch will happily tell you anything you want to know about his past, including his real name. Unfortunately, the next time you ask him all of the details will have changed. This time his real name won’t be “Thomas Winklebottom,” (originally from New Jersey) but “Corbin White,” originally from upstate.

It’s not that he’s lying, per se… Well, okay, he is lying… But there’s more to it than that. Lily strongly suspects Fetch is running from something, and she’s made it a minor mission to find out exactly what. This has met with muted (and by muted, read zero) success, but she’s determined to keep trying. How hard can a 13 year-old kid be to crack?


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