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It’s 1883. New York City. The Gilded Age.

The horrors of the Civil War have given way to a new era of prosperity in America. Science and industry are making great strides, but a new weapon has been added to humanity’s arsenal: the paranatural phenomena. It was the great minds of the Age of Enlightenment who hurled the paranatural shrieking into the light of reason. Vampyres, spirits, hexes! It was all real, of course. They had only vanished into the shadows, for a time, fearful of mankind’s growing power. Now they’ve nowhere left to hide.

The paranatural is the New World of this age, its shores teaming with undreamed of possibility and power: Magick is studied like magnetism; Deviants trade bodies with one another; Vampyres are steel tycoons; Soldiers sell their corpses as undead warriors. And immortality is promised to every wailing newborn.

But not everything is wondrous; there are other forces, too, impervious to the light. They skulk in the shadows of skyscrapers, through the disease-infested ghettos, the hellish orphanages. They plot mankind’s downfall with terrifying precision, nursing a grudge more ancient than all the world’s religions. With every witch’s curse, demonic pact, and shattered spirit their hunger grows. Soon they’ll reveal themselves like the Ripper to his victims: a glint of steel in the darkness, and then nothing.

This is the world of the Triad Detective Agency.

The Triad

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